All about Afghanistan

Afghanistan: The Beautiful Ethnic Mosaic

By: Seddiq Rahpoe Tarzi

Environment as we know it, in which the living entities including human-being live, make deep effect on the physical shape, color, feature of the face, body and even their nerve system. The knowledge which study and review this section named geography

The guardian

US soldier kills 16 Afghan civilians – video

An American member of the Nato force in Afghanistan has left his base in Zangabad, Kandahar province, and shot dead 16 civilians including children in an adjoining village. The soldier was later arrested. The case adds to tensions between the US and Afghanistan over the continued foreign military presence and the deaths of civilians in drone strikes and other attacks

No more War Games and no more Peace Games

By: M.Ghaznawi

This is a revised and somehow developed form of a comment posted under the article” No more war Games” written by “Robert Fox”and published online in Guardian News Paper. Therefore, the title of this post comes from the title of that article and is relevant to the writer’s approach toward new doctorine of war. Fox suggests peace and, so, he may propagandize against what he calls it “War Games”! But I have a different opinion on the shift of Westerns’ international and regional policy from war to peace— as Fox wishes for. I think it is possible to have “Peace Games” as well as “War Games”. click here to view full text…


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