The use of Twitter

These are from Alan Rusbridger on why Twitter matters for media:

  1. It’s an mazing form of distribution, It is for reaching,  it is instents.
  2. It is where things happens first.
  3. As a serch engine, it rivals Google, It is good way of motoring news, It is an exllent way to search
  4. It’s a formidable aggregation tool, It become your personalise your news feed.
  5. It’s is a great roproting tool many of the best reporters are now habitually using Twitter
  6. It’s a great marketing tool, you’ve written your piece or blog.
  7. It’s a series of common conversations, A well
  8. It’s more diverse, it allows more people to have thire voice there are more baravity or shourtness on Twitter.
  9. It changes the tone of writing
  10. It’s a level playing field,
  11. It has diferent news values, People on Twitter quite often have an entirely differnt sense of what i and what isn’t news
  12. It has a long attention span,
  13. It creates communities,
  14. It changes nations of authority, the idea of authorit media has been changed, it is our media
  15. It is an agent of change, it challenges convectionl politics, it is couniuing changeing for more and more news.

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